Wizards Mayhem Arena Released For Android

Hey Guys, I just released a new game for Android on Google.

Wizards Mayhem Arena is an online multiplayer game, the goal is to defeat your opponents casting spells on  them. The player can also grab pick-ups, good or bad that might help them or confuse them.

Check out the trailer:

Here are some screenshots and posters:

Some gifs from the gameplay:

You can see here a preview from the character customization screen:

The unlockables:

You can download the game clicking on the link below:

Thanks for reading!


Auto fills specific components fields

Hello again guys!

So, after reading through some feedback entries, I stumbled across this one:

I thought that this was a wonderful idea, what it basically is auto fills component fills marked with the attribute RequireComponent, it not only adds (if there is not) the component in the gameobject, it also fills a specific field which was marked with that attribute. So I decided to implement this myself. Of course, the component must be serialized to work, this means that the component must be expanded and the inspector cannot be in debug mode, it also will not work with abstract class components like Collider, it must be a CapsuleCollider, BoxCollider, etc.

Here are the scripts:

This one goes in an Editor folder:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class RequiredComponentDrawer : PropertyDrawer
	public override void OnGUI(Rect position, SerializedProperty property, GUIContent label)
		EditorGUI.PropertyField(position, property);

		MonoBehaviour mono = property.serializedObject.targetObject as MonoBehaviour;
		if (typeof(Component).IsAssignableFrom(fieldInfo.FieldType))
			if (property.objectReferenceValue == null)
				Component comp = mono.GetComponent(fieldInfo.FieldType);

				if (comp == null)
					comp = mono.gameObject.AddComponent(fieldInfo.FieldType);

				property.objectReferenceValue = comp;

				Undo.RecordObject(mono.gameObject, "Add/Set Components to " +;
			Debug.LogError("Field <b>" + fieldInfo.Name + "</b> of " + mono.GetType() + " is not a component!", mono);

And this one goes in any folder:

using UnityEngine;
public class RequiredComponentAttribute : PropertyAttribute

Yes, I like to keep attributes in a separate script, even if they are just a stub.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you can optimize it or add something to it.

Rodolfo Rubens

Creature #9 Model Done

Animation in Maya

Unity Render

Concept Art

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DevLog #14 First WIP Video (Battle system, etc…)

Hey guys, it’s been a long time (+2 months), I took all this time because I wanted to do something different so I worked a lot on the visuals to make a little video about the battle system and some other things, you can check the video here:

I will be making more devlog videos from now on so… subscribe!

I also show a little about map exploration and etc.

Here are some gifs too:
This is a preview of the battle system:

This is the player being chased by a hostile wild creature:

Of course, a lot more was made since the last time I posted here, almost the entire battle UI was designed and implemented including the window for switching creatures:

The items window:

Also the creatures summary window:

Note: don’t forget that everything is wip, so, yea, those items icons/descriptions/names/etc, etc are just placeholders, temporary stuff.

I don’t know if I will keep this design forever, but for now, that’s it. Maybe I improve it later.

The battle system also had a lot of bugfixes and improvements (internal improvements), that’s also why I took so long, the creature following coach system had lots of improvements too, now they (if you have more than 1 creature) will follow you in line, they will be instantiated according to your creatures list (of course) and everything just works, you get in a battle, they will be there, they suffer damage, use items in them and when you get out of the battle they will be in the same state that they had in the battle and they will be instantiated behind you again and already in line.

The experience/level up and move points was not implemented yet, so that’s subject for my next devlog.

See you next time!