DevLog #13 Roken, the first level

Hey guys, after about a month working on this level (mainly on this level since I did other stuff too) I can finally call it “done”, in quotes because I will be always iterating and improving it the same way I do with all the other things in the project. It’s a relative simple map, I needed to start with something small because I didn’t have any idea of how I wanted my levels to look like, the grass, the rocks – if they were going to be reallistic or more cartoony – the props and etc, now that I have some kind of idea of how I want my environments to look like the next levels will come out faster and better.

This is the entrance of this level, this level is basically a giant corridor that leads to a cave beneath a volcano.

This is the entrance of the Roken Volcano Cave, which is also a mine.


DevLog #11 Bunny Creature

Hello guys, I just finished modelling another creature (and partially rigging so I could render it), it was inspired in a bunny with some Easter egg patterns, kinda, here it goes:



So what do you guys think? Comment, comment, comment!!

Until next time!

DevLog #10 New Creature

Hello friends!

So, I got another creature done, this one was inspired on a cockroach, but I made it less repulsive.
Here is the concept art:

And here is the render in Unity:

Of course, like all the others I will still make some tweaks, there are always something that we only see when we finish our workflow, in this case the eyes on the model looks smaller than the concept.

I hope you guys have liked it, until next time.


DevLog #9 One More Creature Done

Hey guys, long time no see!

I’ve been working a lot on the battle system and it is taking more time than what I expected, too much details (and by details I mean small rules) to implement, test and test and test. I have a lot of stuff working on it like status condition (poison, burn, etc), volatile status condition (confusion, protect etc). I also implemented the multi-slot attack where the move affects different slots on the fight arena, and many other things.

So, for the sake of not posting anything for too much time I drew and modeled another creature, it was inspired by mosquitoes:
Here is the concept:

And the render in Unity:

(still needs some tweaks though)

I hope to have something more solid to show about the battle system soon, like the creatures, vfx, cameras lances and etc.

I hope you have liked the creature, you can suggest a name for it in the comments if you want to!


DevLog #7 Basic Interaction, Item Grabbing, Etc

Hello guys, after 2 weeks I have a couple of more things to add!

First, now the game is in the third person:
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 13h34m32s

2. I added a very a basic interaction system:
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 13h34m40s
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 13h34m46sRight now you can only open things, talk to things (dialog box will appear with some text), talk to NPCs, toggle lights and so on. Soon I’ll code some kind of item containers so the player can get and store items to it.

3. Very basic item grabbing and inventory:
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 16h1m33sShot taken 16-1-2016 at 16h4m27sShot taken 16-1-2016 at 16h1m38sThe item gets added to the inventory, destroyed from the scene and they also stack on the inventory.

Creating all the models to make this indoor level study took more time then coding the stuff above.

I hope you are having a very nice weekend, until next time!

DevLog #6 First Creature Concept And Model

Hey guys, how was your Christmas? Again, sorry for the delay, I’m not having too much time to work on the project…

But anyway, I have a couple of things to show. I drew a creature concept art to study some styles, this is what I came up with:

And I made made a model for the concept:
Creature 01

I will still make some modifications to this model/textures and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the fur on the texture, of course, these are just studies of styles, I’m not even sure if I’m going to keep this little guy as a creature in the game. Also, there are some differences between the concept and the model itself like the blue part of the neck.

What do you think, what name should I give to him?

Cheers and a happy new year!

DevLog #4 Character Style Example

First, sorry for the long time without posting guys!

In this time I’ve been modelling (and tweaking a lot) and texturing the character sample, everything was made with character customization in mind, everything is a separated piece, the backpack, shoes, shirt, pants, hair, etc, of course it still needs lots of tweaks and polishes, from this guy I will create the female character, new clothing, hair styles, eye styles and so on. Here it goes:
msqnayn1This screenshot was taken in the Unity engine.

By the way, this character was built based on the concept I made before:
It doesn’t look exactly the same, some things must be changed to make them “modular” for the character customization, like the eye shape for example – not every shape will be doable because some anime eye styles doesn’t fit the eyeball, it’s a trade off: the eyes will look cooler because of the shines on the eye ball cornea and the space around the eye ball will be customizable (using blend shapes… I hope), but it will not be possible to make all the anime eye styles this way. Also, I don’t know if I create normal maps for the clothes, what do you think? Will it look good in an anime themed style game?

I hope you guys/gals are liking it,