Video Log #2 Even more battle system

Hello guys, long time no see!!

It’s time for another devlog video!

So, in this video you can see how the map exploration and battle system is coming along, some improvements to the battle system and lots of bug fixes, by the way, the video has no sound, you can keep listening to your music!

Different types of movements (attacks) being used and their respective visual effect showing up, the creatures also reacts accordingly, you can also note that using moves that makes contact plays a different animation than special moves (moves that doesn’t make contact).

The temporary battle stats is also already working and works kinda like in the Pokémon games.

Also, as you could notice, some creatures flee from the player character when they see him, that’s the creature nature system, there are some that flee, others that doesn’t care about the player’s presence and others that goes towards the player when he gets too close, there will be more types of natures later like going towards just after spotting the player, also some that don’t care about the player presence but if he stays too much time close they will go towards the player anyway, engaging a battle.

You can also notice in the video that the battle arena is now different, each type of scenario will load a different type of battle arena when a battle starts, I also added some fancy to the camera. Oh, I also implemented a very nice feature in the battle system, when the player is in the “choose action” turn he can cycle through cameras, zoom in/out and orbit around the camera target which is very cool.

In summary, almost the entire battle system is done, just need to fix some bugs here and there and implements new items/moves usage and etc, things like experience gaining, level up, temporary stats, super effective and not very effective moves against certain creatures elements, all of this is already done.

Ah, another thing, the animations are very unpolished, be patient, they will get better as the projects follows.

Ok guys, that’s it for this video, I hope you liked it! I made lots of other stuff but unfortunately cannot be show because is just technical stuff, things from the engine.

What’s next? Now is time to model the rest of the creatures that will be available in the prototype!

See you guys/gals next time!

Culling Mode: Always Animate!

Something funny happened to me today, I am coding a script to position the camera pointing to the characters and for the target of the camera I was using a joint of this character (the root, so I can precisely track its position for a more cool look in my case). Something weird started to happen, when I had my scene view open the camera was positioning at the correct position, but when the scene view was closed the camera was positioning slightly to the right or left (I am working on the battle system and the camera keeps switching its position and rotation to focus the attacking creatures or creatures taking damage and etc).

The cause of the issue was, the camera was being positioned where the last position of that joint was seen because the culling mode of the Animator of these characters was set to don’t animate the character when the camera was not facing it (Cull Completely), the character was not going back to its original position because I programmed something to change the camera after a part of the animation attack happens (to give a more fluid look to the battle). When the scene view was open I had all the characters and the camera framed to try to understand what was happening and that was causing the animator to update even if the character was not being observed by the game camera.

phew! I was already thinking that there was a bug in Unity’s code that was out of my control, the lesson is: if you rely on positioning stuff based on character joint’s transform, never forget to set the animator culling mode to always animate or you may face similar problems when the this character is not being rendered by the camera!


DevLog #14 First WIP Video (Battle system, etc…)

Hey guys, it’s been a long time (+2 months), I took all this time because I wanted to do something different so I worked a lot on the visuals to make a little video about the battle system and some other things, you can check the video here:

I will be making more devlog videos from now on so… subscribe!

I also show a little about map exploration and etc.

Here are some gifs too:
This is a preview of the battle system:

This is the player being chased by a hostile wild creature:

Of course, a lot more was made since the last time I posted here, almost the entire battle UI was designed and implemented including the window for switching creatures:

The items window:

Also the creatures summary window:

Note: don’t forget that everything is wip, so, yea, those items icons/descriptions/names/etc, etc are just placeholders, temporary stuff.

I don’t know if I will keep this design forever, but for now, that’s it. Maybe I improve it later.

The battle system also had a lot of bugfixes and improvements (internal improvements), that’s also why I took so long, the creature following coach system had lots of improvements too, now they (if you have more than 1 creature) will follow you in line, they will be instantiated according to your creatures list (of course) and everything just works, you get in a battle, they will be there, they suffer damage, use items in them and when you get out of the battle they will be in the same state that they had in the battle and they will be instantiated behind you again and already in line.

The experience/level up and move points was not implemented yet, so that’s subject for my next devlog.

See you next time!

DevLog #8 A Little More Battle System

Hey guys, how’s everything going?

I got some little updates, been working a lot on the game but not on stuff that I can show right now, but I have something I can show.

The battle system, I made some little tweaks on the interface that I’m using for prototyping, not important but anyway, also now the player is able to switch creatures anytime in battle:

You can cancel an already set action in the current turn, in case you already choose to attack an enemy you can press cancel and then the highlighted creature stats box will change, which is also something new, the current creature you’re selecting action to is highlighted:

Lots of bugs were fixed – when working on a battle system from scratch a lot of bugs is just there and you can’t see unless you test a lot, not like coding more simpler gameplay like movement and etc. I also changed a lot of things internally.

As you can see I’m using a font very known by Pokémon fans, just to give some nostalgia vibe while I prototype it, and by the way, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING shown here are placeholders, interfaces, models, anything, so just don’t worry I will work on the real artwork eventually, prototyping phases are like this, cubes, capsules, and etc.

Next: Items using and accuracy check!

Until next time!

DevLog #7 Basic Interaction, Item Grabbing, Etc

Hello guys, after 2 weeks I have a couple of more things to add!

First, now the game is in the third person:
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 13h34m32s

2. I added a very a basic interaction system:
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 13h34m40s
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 13h34m46sRight now you can only open things, talk to things (dialog box will appear with some text), talk to NPCs, toggle lights and so on. Soon I’ll code some kind of item containers so the player can get and store items to it.

3. Very basic item grabbing and inventory:
Shot taken 16-1-2016 at 16h1m33sShot taken 16-1-2016 at 16h4m27sShot taken 16-1-2016 at 16h1m38sThe item gets added to the inventory, destroyed from the scene and they also stack on the inventory.

Creating all the models to make this indoor level study took more time then coding the stuff above.

I hope you are having a very nice weekend, until next time!

DevLog #5 Battle System Prototyping

Hello again!

Ok, now I finally have something about the battle system! Oh, and don’t mind the graphics, they are all placeholders/temporary stuff/wip and etc.

Animation 0

Let’s pretend these blocks are tall grasses, okay?

So, basically it is working almost like the Pokémon games, turn based, everyone choose its actions first then these actions are all executed at once later, the one with the higher speed strikes first, etc, etc. But I will make thing a little bit different, there will be 6vs6 battles, it will work almost like Disciples and Heroes games, except that the characters will have their moves (but the moves will not have PPs, they will have their move points cost – or MPs – and this move points, which will be spent are associated with the character and not with the move, also there will be moves which spend no move points, I’ll get in to this in another post), the creatures on the back rows (the creatures will be place in a grid of 2×3 slots) will not be able to use physical moves on the creatures on the other side if there is creatures in the front row, only ranged moves, unless you want your creatures to attack themselves (or if you’re in battle with an ally and want to attack some ally creature) but still, this creatures needs to be adjacent to them. 6vs6 battles are already implemented but checking for physical and ranged moves and if they are adjacent or not is not implemented yet. There will be a limit of 3 teams (or players) per side, teams means that if it’s a 6vs6 battle, each side will be able to send 2 creatures to battle each, if someone doesn’t send enough creatures another member of the team can send. I worked on this having network battles and co-op in mind.

Shot taken 13-12-2015 at 22h7m41s

This is a 2vs2 battle against a NPC

The coaches (trainers in Pokémonish) are placed on their right spawn pointas the battle begins, the creatures are spawned according to its species index and placed on their right spawn point too. For now, the AI behavior is to select a random foe creature and a random move and attack, items cannot be used yet and other actions too. There is something that will be very handy for me — you can attack yourself — I will use this in my favor and make heal moves this way, if you want to attack your enemy you click on them or on their status box, but if you want to use a “Tail Whip” (let’s use this, since I didn’t create any move yet) you click on you own creatures, if you want to heal an ally creature you click on them while selecting an action for another creature.

Currently you can get in and out of battles, every info is kept with the player, experience is not being yield yet and if the player loses nothing happens, the game world loads and that’s all, you can get in another battle with your creature unable to fight. These cubes I told you to pretend it’s tall grass I’m calling creatures areas, they will also be used on seas, rivers, caves and etc (some creatures will be spawned on the game world so you can walk towards them to fight), they hold info about which creatures may appear on that trigger, how much steps (minimum and maximum steps) to encounter a creature (or creatures, since there will be wild creatures group fights, if that area is set to), based on this a creatures team is generated and the battle starts. I also made that small log box below in the battle system, for now it’s only a quick resume of what’s happening in the battle, soon I will make a much better and different too, it will be more like a narration and the box will appear below and sometimes on the top too.

I hope you have liked this post, stay tuned for more!

DevLog #3 Weather Improvements, Footstep Effects And Some Minor Updates


Here it goes another track of my progress on this project.

As I said, I added more features to the weather system:

clouds projection

Clouds projection

Those clouds are projectors, they are spawned a bit far from the area visible by the camera and are destroyed when is too far away, also, they are controlled by wind direction (the variable that controls the rain direction), the amount of clouds projection objects are also controlled by the weather system, the projector textures transparency are random.

rain with splats, fog and mist

Water splats on ground, fog and mist

As I said, the water drops now creates a small splat where it collides (it is also colliding with the player, but it will change), fog and mist, everything is controlled by the weather system, they don’t simply stop spawning they are smoothly transitioned from a rainy day for instance, to a clear day (state based) – they will slowly stop raining and the fog will also vanishes as it stops raining, of course I can also create a weather profile that rains but has no fog or mist. The mist direction is controlled by the same variable that controls the rain and the clouds projections. The next step on this is too control the water drop length based on the values given by the current weather state.


Lightnings (needs some tweaks, maybe change the color)

The lightning will also be controlled by the current weather state, there may be one weather state that may have a chance of thunders and another without it.

Another system I’ve been working on for the game is the footstep one, very simple: it will spawn different effects and play different audio clips depending on the texture of the stepped collider/mesh renderer: (Note: All the textures used here are just for testing the system, the effects too.)

Step on grass

Step on grass (bad looped gif btw)

With this little system I can assign multiple textures in a single profile, then it will spawn the same effects when the player steps on different textures.

Animation 0

Step on water puddles (the splats looks bigger so I’ll make some tweaks on this too later)

I can configure some of the step profiles to only spawn one of the effects if the player is running.

Other effects:



Step on earth ground

Step on earth ground

When entering levels now pops up a box with the level name on the top of the screen

level name popup

(Very creative level name)

I made some minor changes on the character locomotion too…

When the player suddenly changes its direction (above 130 degrees) he loses all his move speed.

sudden direction change

It’s hard to notice but it was very weird before.

He was also playing walk/run animations when walking towards obstacles and this was fixed.

The camera now is always ahead of the player, it will not be centered on the player, instead, it will be centered in a position in front of the player character.

camera ahead position

I hope you guys liked this post!