Creature #10 Model (+Speed modelling video)

Speed modelling:


Creature #9 Model Done

Animation in Maya

Unity Render

Concept Art

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Video Log #2 Even more battle system

Hello guys, long time no see!!

It’s time for another devlog video!

So, in this video you can see how the map exploration and battle system is coming along, some improvements to the battle system and lots of bug fixes, by the way, the video has no sound, you can keep listening to your music!

Different types of movements (attacks) being used and their respective visual effect showing up, the creatures also reacts accordingly, you can also note that using moves that makes contact plays a different animation than special moves (moves that doesn’t make contact).

The temporary battle stats is also already working and works kinda like in the Pokémon games.

Also, as you could notice, some creatures flee from the player character when they see him, that’s the creature nature system, there are some that flee, others that doesn’t care about the player’s presence and others that goes towards the player when he gets too close, there will be more types of natures later like going towards just after spotting the player, also some that don’t care about the player presence but if he stays too much time close they will go towards the player anyway, engaging a battle.

You can also notice in the video that the battle arena is now different, each type of scenario will load a different type of battle arena when a battle starts, I also added some fancy to the camera. Oh, I also implemented a very nice feature in the battle system, when the player is in the “choose action” turn he can cycle through cameras, zoom in/out and orbit around the camera target which is very cool.

In summary, almost the entire battle system is done, just need to fix some bugs here and there and implements new items/moves usage and etc, things like experience gaining, level up, temporary stats, super effective and not very effective moves against certain creatures elements, all of this is already done.

Ah, another thing, the animations are very unpolished, be patient, they will get better as the projects follows.

Ok guys, that’s it for this video, I hope you liked it! I made lots of other stuff but unfortunately cannot be show because is just technical stuff, things from the engine.

What’s next? Now is time to model the rest of the creatures that will be available in the prototype!

See you guys/gals next time!

DevLog #16 Creature 6 and 7 done!

After a long time (again) here I am with something more to show, I’m working a lot doings lots of things that I don’t want to show until I finish with it… and I just did it, finished modelling/texturing/rigging 2 more creature, the creature 6 and 7 this time:

The creature #6
Its concept:


rigging test animation:

And the creature #7:


rig test animation:

I hope you guys like!

Have a nice weekend and until next time!

DevLog #15 First 20 Creatures Concept Done

Hello guys and gals!!

After so much time here I am again with some news, I just finished making the concepts for the 20 creatures that will be available in the game’s prototype that I will release when I also launch the crowdfunding campaign!

I will post a poster with all of them here (which you can right click and visualize it bigger) but you can also visit my other social medias for a bigger version of each creature.

Here are the links for the social medias where I posted them separated:

BUT there will be another creature hidden in the game world that I will not post any images of it, it’s a legendary one.

Ok people, that’s it for today, now I will start modelling these creatures but I think that I will post one by one instead of all of them at once!

See you next time!

DevLog #12 One more sample character

Hey guys, one month since the last DevLog haha, so, I just finished modelling the character from the last concept, note that this is not a protagonist, still studying concept styles, also figuring out how I am going to structure the character model (body pieces, clothing, rigging, and etc) to implement the character customization system. And I also decided to use normal maps now instead of painting the clothing folds directly and the textures, as you can see in the model it looks better, since I didn’t decided how the face customization will work I left the same eyes from the last model, I don’t know if I’m going to use textures for the eyes/eyebrowns/etc or model them in the model itself, same for mouth, nose and the rest of the face, I still didn’t decided because both ways has downsides and I still don’t know which way is better for my case.

This time I skinned and rigged and also made the idle animation, I’m going to make the walk, run and other basic animations and improve the idle animation to put it in the game and start use it as my placeholder to walk around the maps and test stuff with him. The map I said I was going to do is almost ready, I am just going to finish this guy to put it in there and take some cool screenshots.

Here is the concept:

And here is the model:

Also note that I’m constantly iterating through my art and everything I develop, so I may improve/change/delete everything shown at my devlogs.

Cheers guys and gals, I hope you have liked.
Have a nice week!