DevLog #13 Roken, the first level

Hey guys, after about a month working on this level (mainly on this level since I did other stuff too) I can finally call it “done”, in quotes because I will be always iterating and improving it the same way I do with all the other things in the project. It’s a relative simple map, I needed to start with something small because I didn’t have any idea of how I wanted my levels to look like, the grass, the rocks – if they were going to be reallistic or more cartoony – the props and etc, now that I have some kind of idea of how I want my environments to look like the next levels will come out faster and better.

This is the entrance of this level, this level is basically a giant corridor that leads to a cave beneath a volcano.

This is the entrance of the Roken Volcano Cave, which is also a mine.



    1. Thanks Tony, so, there is that volcano cave that I talked about hehe, even though the player will not be harmed in the game I still want to transmit that the cave is dangerous, I will create some fire/lava creatures just for that cave!

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