DevLog #9 One More Creature Done

Hey guys, long time no see!

I’ve been working a lot on the battle system and it is taking more time than what I expected, too much details (and by details I mean small rules) to implement, test and test and test. I have a lot of stuff working on it like status condition (poison, burn, etc), volatile status condition (confusion, protect etc). I also implemented the multi-slot attack where the move affects different slots on the fight arena, and many other things.

So, for the sake of not posting anything for too much time I drew and modeled another creature, it was inspired by mosquitoes:
Here is the concept:

And the render in Unity:

(still needs some tweaks though)

I hope to have something more solid to show about the battle system soon, like the creatures, vfx, cameras lances and etc.

I hope you have liked the creature, you can suggest a name for it in the comments if you want to!



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