DevLog #8 A Little More Battle System

Hey guys, how’s everything going?

I got some little updates, been working a lot on the game but not on stuff that I can show right now, but I have something I can show.

The battle system, I made some little tweaks on the interface that I’m using for prototyping, not important but anyway, also now the player is able to switch creatures anytime in battle:

You can cancel an already set action in the current turn, in case you already choose to attack an enemy you can press cancel and then the highlighted creature stats box will change, which is also something new, the current creature you’re selecting action to is highlighted:

Lots of bugs were fixed – when working on a battle system from scratch a lot of bugs is just there and you can’t see unless you test a lot, not like coding more simpler gameplay like movement and etc. I also changed a lot of things internally.

As you can see I’m using a font very known by Pokémon fans, just to give some nostalgia vibe while I prototype it, and by the way, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING shown here are placeholders, interfaces, models, anything, so just don’t worry I will work on the real artwork eventually, prototyping phases are like this, cubes, capsules, and etc.

Next: Items using and accuracy check!

Until next time!


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