DevLog #5 Battle System Prototyping

Hello again!

Ok, now I finally have something about the battle system! Oh, and don’t mind the graphics, they are all placeholders/temporary stuff/wip and etc.

Animation 0

Let’s pretend these blocks are tall grasses, okay?

So, basically it is working almost like the Pokémon games, turn based, everyone choose its actions first then these actions are all executed at once later, the one with the higher speed strikes first, etc, etc. But I will make thing a little bit different, there will be 6vs6 battles, it will work almost like Disciples and Heroes games, except that the characters will have their moves (but the moves will not have PPs, they will have their move points cost – or MPs – and this move points, which will be spent are associated with the character and not with the move, also there will be moves which spend no move points, I’ll get in to this in another post), the creatures on the back rows (the creatures will be place in a grid of 2×3 slots) will not be able to use physical moves on the creatures on the other side if there is creatures in the front row, only ranged moves, unless you want your creatures to attack themselves (or if you’re in battle with an ally and want to attack some ally creature) but still, this creatures needs to be adjacent to them. 6vs6 battles are already implemented but checking for physical and ranged moves and if they are adjacent or not is not implemented yet. There will be a limit of 3 teams (or players) per side, teams means that if it’s a 6vs6 battle, each side will be able to send 2 creatures to battle each, if someone doesn’t send enough creatures another member of the team can send. I worked on this having network battles and co-op in mind.

Shot taken 13-12-2015 at 22h7m41s

This is a 2vs2 battle against a NPC

The coaches (trainers in Pokémonish) are placed on their right spawn pointas the battle begins, the creatures are spawned according to its species index and placed on their right spawn point too. For now, the AI behavior is to select a random foe creature and a random move and attack, items cannot be used yet and other actions too. There is something that will be very handy for me — you can attack yourself — I will use this in my favor and make heal moves this way, if you want to attack your enemy you click on them or on their status box, but if you want to use a “Tail Whip” (let’s use this, since I didn’t create any move yet) you click on you own creatures, if you want to heal an ally creature you click on them while selecting an action for another creature.

Currently you can get in and out of battles, every info is kept with the player, experience is not being yield yet and if the player loses nothing happens, the game world loads and that’s all, you can get in another battle with your creature unable to fight. These cubes I told you to pretend it’s tall grass I’m calling creatures areas, they will also be used on seas, rivers, caves and etc (some creatures will be spawned on the game world so you can walk towards them to fight), they hold info about which creatures may appear on that trigger, how much steps (minimum and maximum steps) to encounter a creature (or creatures, since there will be wild creatures group fights, if that area is set to), based on this a creatures team is generated and the battle starts. I also made that small log box below in the battle system, for now it’s only a quick resume of what’s happening in the battle, soon I will make a much better and different too, it will be more like a narration and the box will appear below and sometimes on the top too.

I hope you have liked this post, stay tuned for more!


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