DevLog #4 Character Style Example

First, sorry for the long time without posting guys!

In this time I’ve been modelling (and tweaking a lot) and texturing the character sample, everything was made with character customization in mind, everything is a separated piece, the backpack, shoes, shirt, pants, hair, etc, of course it still needs lots of tweaks and polishes, from this guy I will create the female character, new clothing, hair styles, eye styles and so on. Here it goes:
msqnayn1This screenshot was taken in the Unity engine.

By the way, this character was built based on the concept I made before:
It doesn’t look exactly the same, some things must be changed to make them “modular” for the character customization, like the eye shape for example – not every shape will be doable because some anime eye styles doesn’t fit the eyeball, it’s a trade off: the eyes will look cooler because of the shines on the eye ball cornea and the space around the eye ball will be customizable (using blend shapes… I hope), but it will not be possible to make all the anime eye styles this way. Also, I don’t know if I create normal maps for the clothes, what do you think? Will it look good in an anime themed style game?

I hope you guys/gals are liking it,


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