DevLog #3 Weather Improvements, Footstep Effects And Some Minor Updates


Here it goes another track of my progress on this project.

As I said, I added more features to the weather system:

clouds projection

Clouds projection

Those clouds are projectors, they are spawned a bit far from the area visible by the camera and are destroyed when is too far away, also, they are controlled by wind direction (the variable that controls the rain direction), the amount of clouds projection objects are also controlled by the weather system, the projector textures transparency are random.

rain with splats, fog and mist

Water splats on ground, fog and mist

As I said, the water drops now creates a small splat where it collides (it is also colliding with the player, but it will change), fog and mist, everything is controlled by the weather system, they don’t simply stop spawning they are smoothly transitioned from a rainy day for instance, to a clear day (state based) – they will slowly stop raining and the fog will also vanishes as it stops raining, of course I can also create a weather profile that rains but has no fog or mist. The mist direction is controlled by the same variable that controls the rain and the clouds projections. The next step on this is too control the water drop length based on the values given by the current weather state.


Lightnings (needs some tweaks, maybe change the color)

The lightning will also be controlled by the current weather state, there may be one weather state that may have a chance of thunders and another without it.

Another system I’ve been working on for the game is the footstep one, very simple: it will spawn different effects and play different audio clips depending on the texture of the stepped collider/mesh renderer: (Note: All the textures used here are just for testing the system, the effects too.)

Step on grass

Step on grass (bad looped gif btw)

With this little system I can assign multiple textures in a single profile, then it will spawn the same effects when the player steps on different textures.

Animation 0

Step on water puddles (the splats looks bigger so I’ll make some tweaks on this too later)

I can configure some of the step profiles to only spawn one of the effects if the player is running.

Other effects:



Step on earth ground

Step on earth ground

When entering levels now pops up a box with the level name on the top of the screen

level name popup

(Very creative level name)

I made some minor changes on the character locomotion too…

When the player suddenly changes its direction (above 130 degrees) he loses all his move speed.

sudden direction change

It’s hard to notice but it was very weird before.

He was also playing walk/run animations when walking towards obstacles and this was fixed.

The camera now is always ahead of the player, it will not be centered on the player, instead, it will be centered in a position in front of the player character.

camera ahead position

I hope you guys liked this post!



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