DevLog #2 Weather/Time system and dialogs with choices

Hello guys!

I’ve been working a lot on these systems…

The weather system is getting very robust (although I can’t show how much though images so I will make a video later), based on a list of possible weather conditions with some random values, the selected weather condition will be change everything, the rain force, intensity, wind direction, sun light color and moon light color (and for later: fog, mists, water drops on the ground and water drop size variation). Also the weather forecast is persistent so the player will not be able to close and reopen the game and try to randomize a different weather condition (since this would be beneficial for him because of some game elements I will explain on a future post)

ss (2015-11-03 at 12.29.07)

ss (2015-11-03 at 12.28.43)

The time system is slightly simple, the sun rotates according to the current time passed, but the sun light color also changes according to the time of the day and it may vary according to the weather condition (as I already said), later I will also vary the sun azimuth based on many days passed since the player started playing, the moon light color will also vary according to the current time and weather condition like I already said.

wip time system

it is looping at ~2:30 😛

The dialog system is also still on an early stage but I already implemented a simple dialog tree with answers for the player to choose from (déjà-vu), a small blinking arrow appears on the bottom right corner of the screen when the game is awaiting player input (not choices, just key input when the text ends).

it's not bugged, I selected

it’s not bugged, I selected “No”… but I do like cake. 😀

I hope you guys/gals are liking!



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