DevLog #1 Character Locomotion, Simple Dialog and Portals

Hello guys, I have some new about this project, I just finished doing a couple of things that I want to show:

Some simple (for now) dialog system:
Animation 1

Character locomotion:
Animation 0
The player can walk or run by holding the run button, also if he just holds the run button the character will run even if there are no arrow key being pressed.

And a portals system:
Animation 2
There are two types of portals, normal ones where the players needs to interact pressing a button and a touch portal, where the player just needs to walks in and he is teleported to the new level.

I hope you guys are liking, cheers!

PS.: Everything here is placeholder, models textures and etc, I think this is clear but if is not, let’s just make it! Also, I’m just prototyping stuff, I may re-code everything (or almost everything) in the future when I have something more solid in hand.


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