Dialog and Labels System

Hi, I got something new to show, it’s the dialog system and the label system.

The dialog system, like the name says, let you create dialog “trees” like in an RPG, and the label system let you create something to do when in a determined moment, like add an item to the inventory after you speak with an npc, or open a door and etc, I’m calling it like this because of the RPG Maker. 😛

There goes some pictures:
Talking to the npc, unlocks the door house…


…also, multiple choices to answer, each choice can leads to different answers or they can lead to multiple answers:

And they can also different speeches on different situations (for now only for seasons, but soon places, hours will also influence on different speeches):ImageImageImage

The system it’s still pretty simple but it’s working well, I wish I knew how to create nice inspector to edit these arrays, it’s getting really hard to set these! :/

What do you guys think?


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