What I’ve Done So Far #1

So, here is a list of a somethings that I’ve been working on the 4 Seasons project:

Some trail on the tool being used (if there is movement)


Some new crops (and its plants)

Some fx when using the hoe on the ground (there is some mud particles being spreaded but it’s not very noticeable)Image

When switching items, the current items get shrinked and then it disappear and the item that will be visible smoothly grows and them appear (like the Harvest Moon games for wii)

The time system, the only way I found (on mobile) to show the player in a visual way what time is was popping up the shading on the characters, among other objects) where the light is hitting and gradually changing the directional light color between stages of the day. The last frame is actually the moon light, when the clock hits around 6:30 PM the sun light starts to fade off and the moon light starts to fade in, and then when the sun light intensity hits 0, the sun light is disabled, the same is made on the moon light.
Image(these shots are from the editor but it runs smoothly on mobile, 60fps)

The NPC dialog, still pretty simple but

I made many more things like the planting system that is working perfect (well, for me), you plow the soil, throw the seed, and water it everyday and the crops starts to grow there, pretty simple and it’s working ok (until some random bug pop up from nowhere). The portals system for other maps it’s working okay too, I little fade out – fade in on camera for the transitions. A persistency script so we do not see duplicates (like a singleton I guess) and also, the soil variables will persist when going to other levels. There are mooore things, but that’s it for now…


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